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Tech Tips! School Happenings! Random Facts! Issue #2

My last issue had over 130 views!! That is really exciting. Thank you to all of you that sent me nice emails telling me what you liked and how you appreciated it!! I'm looking to offer tech tips, updates on things happening around the school and some humor to lighten your day. :)

I'm also looking to highlight the things going on in classes around the school. I know we are all busy but if you have some really cool project or lesson going on.....can you fill me in?

Tech Tip: Google Docs and Pics

Have you ever had a picture of a recipe or a note or an old paper that you really wanted to edit? Now Google Docs does that. No does.

The Google Gooru explains, "The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature in Google Drive can convert an image of a physical page of text into an editable Google Doc."

Watch the video below to see how to do it and the results!!!

How to Convert an Image of Text into an Editable Google Doc

Using Chrome Browser? Neat Tip Below!!

So if you use Chrome Browser and always frown at your tabs and wish you could save them all in one swoop. I have an extension to show you. This extension will save all of the tabs you have open at any given time. (Thanks Emma Bay-Hansen for sharing this with me!!)

Go here to add it to your Chrome Browser:

Podcasts Podcasts!!!!!!!!

Are you a podcast fan? Tarrant Institute has a great podcast about education in Vermont but on this page they ALSO have a list of every other podcast that is going on in Vermont....including ones from schools around the state. Go check it out!!

Big image
Big image
The 7th Grade Social Studies classes are creating podcasts this week!!! If you happen to see them, ask them about it. Oh....and if you have a neat story to tell maybe you can be on their next podcast!!!!