7th Grade Science

Hamilton Middle School

Week at a Glance: (Subject to Change)

Monday 5/9- 7th grade Math STAAR

Tuesday 5/10- 7th grade Reading STAAR

Wednesday 5/11- Work Scenarios & practice problems

Thursday 5/12- Work Computer Activity

Friday 5/13- Work Assessment (Card sort); Homeostasis notes

Next Week at a Glance:

Monday 5/16- Homeostasis; A Balancing Act Lab

Tuesday 5/17- Tropisms & turgor pressure

Wednesday 5/18- Review

Thursday 5/19- Homeostasis Unit Test

Friday 5/20- Most Missed Questions; Astrobiology Intro

Homework: (Subject to Change)

Any owed or missed work needs to be made up in tutoring, during teacher's assigned tutoring times

5/11- Work practice problems homework given, due dates vary by teacher

5/12- Study for Work assessment

5/16- Complete Review

5/17- Study for test