Working Bikes

Amy Little and Lee Ravenscraft

What is Working Bikes?

Working bikes was founded by Amy Little and Lee Ravenscraft in 1998. The company fixes old bikes and makes them work and then sends them to Africa. Amy and Lee started this company because they wanted to help the world and do something good. When they saw that Africans had to walk many miles a day to get water they thought that bikes would be much better for them because that way instead of having to walk really far, they can bike that distance and have it take much less time.


Amy and Lee had many similarities with Michael Dell. First off they both had good initiative to know that there was a problem and a way to make money and they both made it happen. They also stayed with the company and didn't give up on it which means they have good initiative. The difference is that Dell made millions making computers and Little and Ravenscraft made a charity to do good in Africa.
Working Bikes