MKS News - November 2020

Thankful, Grateful and Truly Blessed You Are Here At MKS!

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What will Dance Concert 2021 look like?

We are so grateful for this opportunity to be dancing once again, even in the midst of the pandemic. Ending last season with an Zoom performance was not our dream for Dance Concert, but we were thankful that students and families were able to safely celebrate those moments together at home!

Additionally, although I felt led to keep our performance purely virtual last year, we do not plan to repeat that mode of Dance Concert for this 2020-21 school year.

I cannot see into the future, but looking at the success that other groups have found with a plethora of other performance options that have allowed students to still gather together to perform, we will have an in-person performance of some type. For students who may still be on Zoom come June of 2021, we have seen professionally produced virtual options. We are exploring ALL of these options at this time!

We are also planning to do our very best to stay with the performance week/end of June 9-13, as much as is possible. Please stay tuned in the coming months, as things could still possibly change a bit...

We are in contact with our usual venue, Fort Zumwalt East High School Auditorium, in addition to actively seeking other options in the St. Louis area. If you have any contacts with a venue - church with an auditorium, outdoor stage, etc., please let us know, and we will add it to our list of possibilities.

We so appreciate everyone being so incredibly POSITIVE and FULL of GRACE to start out this season! We are enjoying our students more than ever, and we want to continue that positivity and flexibility through Dance Concert and into the coming years! We are thankful for YOU - our dance and tumbling community at MKS!


STUDIO B - November 2-14 ----- STUDIO C & B/C - December 1-14

Please have only 1-2 Family members come & please only come 1 week. All Parents/Guardians in the lobby must be wearing a face covering.

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November 2-14: Watch Week - Studio B

November 24-29: Thanksgiving Break - No Classes

December 1-14: Watch Week - Studio C & B/C

December 21-January 1: Christmas Break - No Classes

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How to Set Up a Dance Practice Space at Home on a Budget

All You Really Need is Space.

When it comes down to it, dancing is just moving your body through space. If you have a body, and space to move it, you can practice dance at home.

How much space? It depends on what you’re doing. A stretching routine or workout requires less space than practicing a combo or a trick. In general, I like to say, “enough space to lie down and make a snow angel.” You can make do with a little less, but this is a good safe minimum that I like to go by. Another good gauge is to try doing a battement in each direction.

You can do so much with just enough space to make a snow angel:

  • Work out
  • Improv
  • Stretch
  • Do a full ballet barre
  • Practice stationary tricks like pirouettes
  • Learn or review choreography (just mark any traveling sections)

See? You don’t need as much space as you think! Find enough space to make a snow angel, and you’re good to practice dance at home!

To read the full article:

Dance Happenings Around STL

Studio 858 In St Ann Is Looking For Dancers to be part of a team of dance models for their photo shoots. They want tall dancers, small dancers, and dancers of all ethnicities, both male and female. Contact Studio 858 today for an audition! See their work at: Call or text Edward Crim at 314-504-6692 or Lois Ingram at 314-276-9272. Email:

11th Annual Teen Talent Competition

Fox Performing Arts Charitable Foundation

Registration Oct 1-Dec 31, 2020

Moscow Ballet's Great Russian Nutcracker: Christmas Stream

Webster University Department of Dance

New Works Concert; Virtually Thurs, Nov 12, 7:30pm - Sun, Nov 15, 10:00pm

About MKS

We are a family-friendly dance studio that offers a Christ-centered environment. Dance at MKS is about using your talents, strengthening your body and mind, and building character.