The Fake Date

By: Ayshia Monroe / Review by Talia Fleming

Breif summary

Have you ever felt like you had something to prove to someone? A teen girl faces a number of embarrassments. Her boyfriend just up's and leaves her without a real explanation, and worst he leaves her a few days away from prom. Now she's without a date for prom, and she has to think fast. She meet a college guy named Brodney who offers to take her to prom. Sounds good right? He ends up getting sick, now everyone thinks she had a..

"Fake Date"

My personal review

The "Fake Date" By Ayshia Monroe, is about a 11th grade girl named Marnyke who has more than enough drama in her life. Her mom is getting out of jail soon and her sister is getting married. Her and her mom have a really bad past and Marnyke is not looking to living with her again, but with her sister getting married what more could she do? She's not doing really good in school and may not past the 11th grade. No diploma. No prom. On top of that her boyfriend dumps her a few days away from prom in front of everybody. With her being the most desired girl in school it shouldn't be to hard to find other date right? .. Wrong! Marnyke was a shoe in for prom queen, but not so much anymore. Now she thinks she has something to prove and will make up any lie to keep her on top.

I can relate to this book because everyone has there good days and their bad days its about what you do with those bad days to show what type of person your are. "Think happy, Be happy" is what I always say. Marnyke feels as if the world has turned their backs on her but if she holds her head up high she can see that she can do anything she sets her mind to. She doesn't realize that now but throughout the book she gets a better understanding and a better view on how she can turn her life around.

I was most defiantly recommend this book to other people. If you're into Friendships, Drama, pride, role of women, high school life, and other girl related things, then you will love this book just as much as I did. To find out how she overcame his problems or if she even did go get this book now!