Old And Antique

The Answers to the Questions That Are Usually Asked While Buying Oriental Rugs

When you plan to buy a carpet, many doubts may pop up in your mind. If you have decided to buy authentic oriental rugs, then here are some questions that you may have to ask the sellers, before buying.

What are oriental rugs? How to check the authenticity?

Oriental carpets are usually used as a home decor in many parts of the world. These are woven from the pure form of woollen threads and the strings are dyed using natural colours to retain their authenticity for long years. The genuineness can be made sure by just checking the nametags, stitched at the corner end of the rugs.

How to check Good Quality Carpets?

Handmade rugs are the best quality carpets, when compared to the machine-made ones. The uniformity of the threads, the evenly coloured and stitched strings are some qualities found in the machine-made rugs. When you buy the carpets, make sure to check the type of stitching by rotating them.

How to classify rugs based on their age?

The carpets are classified into three types,

  • Lesser or equal to 50 year old carpets are the Old ones,
  • The carpets aging about 50 to 80 years are the Semi-old ones,
  • The rugs that are above 80 years are the Antique ones.

How to maintain them?

Maintaining the authentic oriental rugs vary according to the type of material used.

  • You can easily dust, sweep and even hose down the handmade woollen rugs, outside the home once every six to seven months.
  • The machine-made silk carpets need to be washed with extra care. You can take them to the professional carpet cleaners to get the work done.