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John Dowland by Jackson Sullivan Block 2


John Dowland was born in London, United Kingdom in 1563. He spent most of his life at Westminster, London, England. He went to the University of Oxford and went to Christ Church, Oxford. He was an english renaissance composer, lutenist, singer, husband, and father. No one really knows much about his early life but he became famous later on. He is best known for his melancholy songs such as "come, heavy sleep, come again, and more." His patrons were Lord Walden, and Lady Elezibeth.

The Work

Below there will be a video. One of his pieces is "Lachrimae Pavan." This piece was made in 1604. Today you might see this piece performed at a show/concert, or you could also find it on the internet. This piece set forth for the lute, viols and violins. This piece was a new beginning for musicians all over the world. This piece is so interesting because calm and peaceful to be written during this age. This piece is an example of humanism because it shows talent and it is a revolution for people to expand with there music.


Dowland, John.Lachrimae.1604.artstor database.wikkipedia database.jpeg file.
Lachrimae Pavan by John Dowland - Rob MacKillop, Lute