Titanic Review By Aristotle

The best review on the best movie by the best philosopher

"One of the Best Movies of all Time"- Aristotle

After years of unsuccessful attempt, National Geographic finally convinced the great Greek philosopher to submit his review on the greatest movie of all time, Titanic.

In a recent interview with Aristotle...

Interviewer- "Hello Aristotle, so nice to see you today!" I have heard that you love the new movie Titanic. Can you tell me all about it?"

Aristotle- "Why yes, I certainly can!" I shall describe the film by using my criteria.

#1 Plot- This plot was beautifully written and described. The historic facts were correct and I enjoyed how it was a modern twist on a real-life tragic event.

#2 Character- Ah, these actors were phenomenal. Leonardo DiCaprio played his role wonderfully. Although, I have to say, he did deserve that Oscar!

#3 Thought- This movie was very well thought-out. I have to say, that the switch between modern day and the past, was very interesting and accurately played. I enjoyed how the movie began by discovering the Titanic underwater. Very creative!

#4 Diction- The actors were very convincing. I could feel their pain especially through their words when their ship was sinking. So tragic!

#5 Sound- Wow, the sound effects were immaculate. The waves crashing and rushing sounded very real, I believed that I was actually on the ship!

#6 Spectacle- This movie had wonderful props. The rooms were decorated beautifully! I especially loved all of the artwork. It added a nice touch.

Interviewer- Wow, thank you for your input!

Aristotle- Ah, my pleasure, my pleasure.

It will take you on a whirlwind of emotions"- Aristotle

A must-see for everyone- Aristotle