Dred Scott

An person who impacted our timeline


Dred Scott was a amazing person in the U.S timeline. Without him some Africans Americans would not be here today.


Dred was born in Virginia in 1799 into slavehood. He had a wife and 2 daughters. In 1830 he and his family were sold to a Man named Dr.Emerson. Once Emerson died in 1843 his family took inheritance of the slaves and later moved to Illinois, a free state. This is where the trouble started to come...

Scott V. Emerson

Once the family moved to Illinois Scott thought he was free because of the Northwest Ordinance of 1787. So in 1846 he sued for his freedom. He thought he should be free because he lived in a state that made slavery illegal. After 11 years the case went to the supreme court. They made the decision that he was still enslaved and he was not a citizen and had no right to sue. Many people were enraged about this and started riots and lots more abolition movements started to happen. Without this case the civil war maybe would have never happened this was very important in history
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