By:Lauren Houle

Come Visit Nevada!

Nevada has many things to do. Las Vegas is a great family trip like for instance you can go see the Blue Man group perform. Lots of famous people live there such as Pat Nixon she is the first lady of the USA, Steven Jackson he is a NFL football player and Kurt and Kyle Bush are NASCAR drivers and many others. Just like your state and my state Nevada has state colors they are silver and blue. Some of the places you can visit in Nevada are the Hoover Dam. Can you believe that Nevada is the 9th dense state? Some of the major cities in Nevada are Las Vegas, Henderson Nevada and Paradise sunrise manor Nevada. Nevada has nicknames such as the Silver State, Sagebrush State and the Battle Born State.Nevada is a great place to visit


Nevada's History

Nevada became a state on Monday October 31st 1864! Nevada is the 36th state. Nevada got it's name from a Spanish word that means"snowcapped".

People of Nevada!

This is a picture of some of the people that worked in the Nevada mines!

Porducts of Nevada!

Nevada has many products they grow such as potatoes,alfalfa! Nevada does lots of Machinery such as Printing Electronic Equipment. Nevada does lots of tourism.