Under armour FAIR labor

Under armour cares

Under Armour will NOT use child labor

Under Armour will not work with any manufacturers that engage in child labor, forced labor, discrimination, or poor and health safety standards. All of the Asian and Central American factory workers are guaranteed the minimum wage, and compensation for overtime. Under Armour partners with the fair labor association and is helping report some of the abuses in factories. Under Armour will not buy purchased products from people who are younger than 15. They started to try and stop child labor in 2008. They have gone to countries like Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan to stop child labor.They are helping kids that work in factories so it makes Under Armour look good and because Under Armour cares about these kids. They help these kids by reporting some of the factories and they also protest against child labor and forced labor. Under Armour doesn't buy from factories that have child labor. But now some factories stopped their child labor so under Armour will buy from them.
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Child Labour

How can you help Under Armour

For the past few years Under Armour has helped kids who have been working in factories that have child labor. Under Armour has reported some of these factories and freed the kids from child labor. Under Armour is helping stop child labor. Under Armour does not work with factories with child labor. Under Armour could encourage other companies like Nike to stop child labor. We can help Under Armour by writing letters to them and say keep trying to stop child labor and encourage them.

Kevin Plank

Kevin Plank founded Under Armour in 1996. He has always been against child labor and forced labor. He will not by products from factories that have child labor or forced labor. He will also not by products from factories that were made from people under 15. He also make sure the factories he is buying from have good working conditions. He is always trying to do the right thing for Under Armour. The picture below is Kevin Plank.
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