The Giver

Author: Lois Lowry By: Terrance Tate


Jonas is a boy who lives in an controlled society called the "community", here theirs no suffering, pain, music, love, and people are unable to see color. Although as Jonas is nearing the age of twelve he will receive his profession, in which he is later given the title "Receiver". This job requires him to bear the memories of the community that will be given to him by an old man named "The Giver". Throughout his training he experiences things both good and bad, and overtime he begins to question the Elders ethics. Later Jonas and The Giver who agrees that the people should be able to do the things not allowed, decide to try to escape to the boundaries so the memories are given back to the people.

Main Character

The main character is Jonas which in the movie is eighteen year old, white, brown haired and tall. Jonas goes through many challenges mentally and physically. One is when he had realized his father had been killing innocent people. Also another one is when he was said to be the new Receiver, this is because he was just as ignorant towards what was truly going around him like the rest of the community.

Other Important Characters

"The worst part about holding the memories is is not the pain. It's the loneliness of it. Memories need to be shared." -The Giver


-How did the novel make you feel?

-Who do you believe was the most helpful towards Jonas's escape?

-Do you think The Giver should've went with Jonas?

-Why (or why not) do you believe this?

My opinion on this novel is that its well put together and once you really get into the book you wont want to stop.