White House Floral Arrangement

by: Hunter Blythe

History of the China Room

  • the China Room has been used as an exhibition space for examples of ceramics, glass, and silver used in the White House or owned by the first families.

  • In 1901, Mrs. McKinley allowed journalist Abby Gunn Baker to survey the surviving White House service pieces which resulted in a scholarly article.

  • In 1904, Mrs. Roosevelt had two cabinets made for the newly refurbished Ground Floor Corridor to display samples of White House china chosen for this purpose by Ms. Baker.

  • Edith Wilson decided to devote an entire room to display the growing collection of White House china, creating the “Presidential Collection Room” in 1917.

Other Facts of the China Room

  • When Caroline Harrison became first lady in 1889, she continued to pursue the Victorian art form of china painting. This hobby and her interest in history led her to take an active interest in collecting and preserving White House tableware used in previous administrations.

  • Caroline Harrison planned to have a cabinet built in the State Dining Room to display examples of White House china services, her idea was not executed before her premature death in 1892

  • the china room became a public space in 1902, when it was transformed into a coat/dressing room during the Theodore Roosevelt renovation of the White House.

Formal Arrangement

The Materials Needed


  • Roses
  • Sweet Pea
  • Ruskas
  • Water
  • Glass Vase
  • Floral Preservatives
  • Floral Foam