Google Drive Workflow Solution


Simplify Distribution of Class Resources & Submission of Student Work

Using Google Drive, teachers and students can exchange digital work seamlessly. Teachers create and share (view only) a folder or class resources, students make their own copy & edit it, then submit to the teacher via a Google Form linking their work. This also works for cloud-hosted work products where students have a link of their final work that can be shared via Google Form with the teacher. Click HERE for a YouTube video link showing this process.
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Initial Set Up - Teacher

Folder & Form Creation

  • Create & share "Class Resources" Folder in Google Drive with "View Only" sharing permissions for students to share class notes, worksheets, rubrics, etc.
  • Create Google Form for "Student Work Submission" with a text field for assignment name and link to assignment that can be used all year!
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Initial Set Up - Student

Folder Creation & Sharing

  • Create a class folder
  • Make a sub-folder called "Assignments" & share it with your teacher (edit permissions)
  • Move "Class Resources" folder shared by teacher into newly created class folder
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Digital Assignment Turn-In

Student Copies & Edits Assignment

  • Student retrieves assignment from shared "Class Resources" folder
  • Creates a copy & moves it into "Assignments" folder to edit
  • Student edits file in Notability (iPad), Skitch/Evernote, or Google Drive
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Student Submits via Link to Assignment through Google Form

  • Student grabs link to completed assignment & copies to clipboard
  • Via Google Form, submits work to teacher indicating assignment name & pasting link
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Teacher View of Student Submissions

  • Students appear as single row in spreadsheet
  • Hyperlink to assignment - Google Drive or any linked work project (i.e. student-created videos, podcasts, Prezi, Glogster, etc.)
  • Eliminated emailed assignments & organizes student work
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Created by Jenn Judkins

Click HERE for YouTube video showing this workflow process w/ teacher desktop view + student iPad view.
Digital Work Submission using Google Forms