The Age of Exploration

Authors: Luke Balla and Nolan DaRosa

International Issues

The Line of Demarcation has been a very important matter of this time. There were many disputes at this time to who controlled which lands. To make things clear the Line of Demarcation was put into effect. This law or rule was put into effect by the Pope and it was agreed to in the Treaty of Tordesillas. The line splits the land that Portugal and Spain own. Portugal was able to own east of the line and Spain owned west of the line. Hopefully this will bring peace to Spain and Portugal. All these quarrels will definitely split these two countries and maybe start a war. The Line of Demarcation has indeed set a great deal of harmony between the two countries so far, but we don’t know how long this will last. Both countries have been secretly building their empires. As stated by a portuguese commoner, “There has been an immense rise of taxes and their all used for the army.” We can conclude that Portugal is definitely stepping up their game and preparing for a war that may come by a dispute between land.
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Technological Advancements

Technology: Many advancements in this day and age have tremendously helped our growth in Europe. An example of these technological advancements is the Astrolabe. This new and improved piece of machinery has been modified and invented by Hipparchus, a greek astronomer and mathematician. This new model was is now starting to be used by sailors. Many explorers are now able to explore today's world. It’s now available on sale at your local marketplace. This new piece of technology is used for astronomy and astrology. This tool was used in an early expedition. The Portuguese explorers used this object to study the angle of the sun. The angle of the sun allowed the sailors to find out their latitude and help them figure their position on the earth. Although this item worked well on the ocean it works a lot better. “We have grown so much as a continent and continue to develop through technology and economics.” says a Spanish commoner.

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Travel: India, a great new country. It was recently discovered with amazing creatures and people. As said by Vasco De Gama, “It was a wonderful experience, me and my crew mates had a wondrous time. We discovered these new spices that are from India. We should be having these for sale in your local marketplace.” India is a country off of Asia. Many new things shocked the country of Portugal and gave them great joy. Fancy silks and cloth as well as spices were brought back to the mainland of Portugal. There are so many new things to uncover in the world and thanks to these explorers we can have these foreign objects and relics. We may also have more land to use for farms and to grow our population. As said by a indian commoner, “These strange men came in here and were very curious like they have never seen us or our world before, but I guess they haven’t. They were very generous and offered us money for spices and silks that they have never seen before.” It looks like the Portuguese have really discovered a new and improved world or country.
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Age of Exploration Wordsearch

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Obituaries: Christopher Columbus died on May 20, 1506 at the age of 54 in Valladolid, Spain. Christopher was born in 1451 in the Republic of Genoa.He had been battling “reactive arthritis.” His cause of death was a heart attack caused by the disease. He battled many symptoms like pain while urinating and pain of the knees and swelling of his eyes. Mr. Columbus took many voyages, but the most important was his first voyage to the new world. He discovered a new continent that no one had been on since the vikings had made civilizations there. He set off to reach the East Indies by sailing west across the Atlantic Ocean. Columbus was aware, like most people, that the Earth was a sphere. It was a great idea because he did not know about the Americas that blocked his way. When he reached the land he believed he had landed in the Indies and continued to believe this until he died.

Ferdinand Magellan died on April 27,1521 at the age of 41. Ferdinand Magellan was killed by a Filipino tribe. He set off from in September 1519. He left with 5 ships and 250-270 men. His plan was to sail around the world. He became the first man to sail from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. Magellan stopped on an island in the Philippines where native people lived. He found a tribe and converted them to Christianity. He felt confident after this and attempted to convert the tribes rivals. As Magellan and his men approached the tribe the native people fired poison arrows and spears. Magellan was wounded when he was hit in the arm with a bamboo spear. The people them threw themselves on top of him and killed him. The crew of the ship finished out voyage making in back to Spain. They had only 20 of the original 250-270 crew members left when they finished the voyage.

Vasco da Gama died in the year 1524 at the age of 64. He was the son of a minor nobleman who was a commander of a fortress on the coast of Portugal. Vasco sailed from Lisbon to India to trade with people also making many stops in Africa. When he returned back to Portugal he received a hero’s welcome. When he took his second voyage to India he faced Muslim interference. He clashed the Muslim traders in the area. This caused him to leave India and return to Portugal. He would later return to India to be a viceroy. After returning to Portugal da Gama married a woman and had six children. For the next 20 years, he advised Portugal on matters involving India. He was tasked with the job of stopping the corruption that was happening in the Portuguese government of India. He soon after fell ill and died. His body was brought back to Portugal for his burial.


In Lisbon, Portugal a man has a gently used cutlass. It is 25 inches long and just sharpened and it is going for a cheap price of 5 gold pieces. You know what they say it is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

In Venice, Italy there is a used small frigate that is going for 50 gold pieces. It needs some repairs that can easily be fixed.

In Florence, Italy there is a new captain’s hat. It is selling for 2 gold pieces.


Interviewer: Hello, everyone I am here with woman from the Congo whose husband was taken by slave traders and sold to the Americas. How are you doing today?

African woman: I am distressed that my husband has been taken away from me by the greedy Europeans just looking to make a profit off of the people of Africa.

Interviewer: That is a good point but I thought Africans were enslaving each other before the Europeans came.

African woman: We did but I have never owned a slave or supported it. I think that the people claim to be religious and try to convert us to their religion. How can they claim to be morally better than us when they buy and sell people like property with no human value.

Interviewer: I agree with what you are saying, but how do you suppose that we do this when countries like Portugal and Spain are making so much money off of this business?

African woman: I think the kings of Africa should not allow people to be sold to the Europeans. I think that the Portuguese and Spanish should imagine that it was their husband,son, wife, or daughter and then they would understand everything we go through for them to make money.

Interview: Thank you for giving me that Interview and I wish you good luck in what ever you do next.

Slave Trade

The African slave trade has become a lucrative business for someone who is looking to make money. There is a high demand for slaves in the Americas because the people living there were previously using the natives to do there work but they have started to die of disease. They are useful to the plantation owners so they can help grow plants. The slaves can also be a house servant for their master. There is no need to go inland and go on raids for European slave traders because they capture each other and sell the slaves to us. After they are sold they are put onto ships and brought to wherever they are to be sold to. If you pack them in tight you could fit a lot of them into one boat. The slave business costs a lot to get started you need a boat and a loyal crew to go down to Africa then the Americas then back and not steal any money. After all the slave business could be profitable for a wealthy person.

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