Newsers Bio

Hammad Sheikh

In Pakistan

Hammad Sheikh was born on Jan 21,2001

in pakistan,Karachi.After a about 2-3 years his mom and

dad took him to Mecca.Mecca is a city in the

Hejaz and the capital of mecca and province

in Saudi Arabia.They stayed their for about a month

Then came back to pakistan to continue their normal

daily life.Pakistan was not the safest place to live

every week there would be a bomb explosions, shooting

and more dangerous people.His dad worked at a company

that made medicine and other doctors materials.

When Hammad turned 7 years old he had 3 other sibblings.In the summer when he was in grade 2 him and his family went to Canada toronto,ontario.His Family stayed at there cousins house for to months.Hammad’s Family went to lots of Places in toronto

Hammad’s family went back to pakistan and his mom and dad decided that they should imagrate to Canada it took a year to get things ready to get shipped like furniture.

Hammad's parents made that decision because they wanted for Hammad and his siblings to have a better education and future also because the people are kinder their than in pakistan.Also the it is much safer.For example one day Hammad's

one day Hammad’s dad was driving and Hammad was in the back of the car and it was raining hard when a whole building fell to the ground almost hitting the their car

Hammad's family went back to Canada in 2010 and stayed at their cousins house for a bit un til their stuff arrived.Hammad's family got a house

and him and his siblings started to go to school. Hammad is now 13 and still living in canada with his family