Summer 2014 Online


More than any other book in the Bible, Romans carefully lays out and explains what Christians believe about the human condition, God, Jesus, salvation, the new life we receive in Christ and how to live it out in our daily life. You’ll find this material rich, rewarding and at times challenging. But if you dig in and put in the effort you’ll come away not only with a deeper understanding of the Christian faith, you’ll have a stronger relationship with Jesus and be better equipped for living the life God created for you.

We will be using Dr. David Timms' lectures in our course, but I will be your instructor and the person you will be interacting with online throughout the course.

Here are a few tips for doing your best in this course:

  • This is an online course which means you need to be disciplined with your time. Schedule a block of time each week as if you were coming to school for class to watch the lectures.

  • Be sure to do ALL the reading, it will make a difference on the quizzes, papers and Final.

  • Because this is online course, the threaded discussions are even more important. I will be looking for quantity and quality. Make your comments substantive and be sure to reply to other’s comments with thoughtful responses.

  • I will be looking for evidence in your papers that you have read the material. Be sure to use quotations and citations (using APA style) from the reading to back up your points. When making applications to your life, I will be looking for concrete and specific actions you will take.

  • Check my comments on your papers. They will coach you on how to write even better papers the next week.

  • Quizzes are open book, but timed. It will help to have your Bible, text book, and lecture notes laid out in front you before you begin the quiz.

  • If you are having problems turning in an assignment on time, please let me know what’s going on and your plan for finishing the assignment.

  • If you have questions about what you are studying, please contact me – I am here to help you learn and understand.

Please begin by downloading and thoroughly reading our Course Syllabus. Next, please update your Moodle profile and let us know something about you in the Introductions Forum. When you've finished these tasks, you'll be ready to start Week 1!

I look forward to all that we will be learning together from the book of Romans.


Phil Sommerville