No more fireworks

Be carefull with pyrotechnics

Firework's time

During special events like New Year, and Christmas most of us are used to buy and use pyrotechnics, to celebrate, enjoy and high spot the moment
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Consequences of pyrotechnics

  • Cause discomfort to certain animals and people. And it could be the direct cause to illnesses and even death.
  • Every year, many people have to be sent urgently to the hospital for serious injuries
  • Private and public property materials are damaged
  • Fires in wooden areas
  • Damage the environment and cause environmental pollution
  • Eyes, arms and hands are the organs most affected by heat, fire, sparks or explosion. Injuries are also frequent to the genitals when the person carrying firecrackers in the pocket due to body heat.
  • The explosion causes the death of sensory cells found in the ears and do not regenerate
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Things you need to know

  • Children should never manipulate pyrotechnics
  • It should be handled in the open areas, away from buildings.
  • Do not keep it in your pocket.
  • It must be kept on the floor; never in your hands or in bottles or cans