Florida Keys Coral Reef

Best vacation spot for the family!

The Reef

Florida's coral reef system most closely resembles a barrier reef, however, the reefs are closer to shore and they lack the shallow inshore lagoons found on most barrier reefs so it is classified a bank reef. Florida also has patch reefs, which grow between the reef tract and the land in shallower waters.

Florida's most common reef-building corals are brain, star, elkhorn and staghorn


blue-striped grunts, French grunts, small-mouth grunts, Yellowtail snapper, glass minnows, goatfish, gray snappers, Atlantic spadefish, horse eye jacks, barracuda, blue tangs, copper sweepers, Bermuda chubs, and sergeant majors.


Mangroves and seagrass, are the main plants found in this reef and play a crucial role in the Florida Keys ecosystem and economy. They and are unique, interesting, and beautiful for a fun-filled vacation!


American Airlines- $455 per person (includes wifi and extra leg room)

United Airlines- $437 per person (includes wifi)

Southwestern- $625 per person (includes wifi)


Ibis Bay Beach Resort- $112 per night

Hyatt Key West Resort and Spa- $393.82 per night

The Marker Waterfront Resort Key West- $472 per night

Sheraton Suits Key West- $406 per night


full day power adventure with free sunset sail- $145 per adult

Champagne sunset sail- $39 per adult

Wildlife refuge see-through kayak tour- $96 per adult

Snorkel sail excursion- $41 per adult

Commotion on the ocean sunset sail- $49 per adult

Admission to theater of the sea- $35 per adult

Sunset catamaran cruise- $37 per adult

Old town trolley hop-on hop-off tour- $31 per traveler

Key West pub crawl- $32 per adult

Ultimate water sports adventure- $136 per adult

island ting full day snorkel sailing- $103 per adult

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There are many choices for food during your stay in Florida Keys. You can choose between American, seafood, Carribbean, asian, Bahamian, French, European, and many more different styles. Some excellent choices are:

Square Grouper

Duetto Pizza and Gelato


Garbo's Grill

Bliss Restaraunt KW

+ many more

While exploring coral reefs

Make sure while scuba diving, snorkeling, or any other fun activity, that you do not do anything to harm the reefs such as pulling at plant or animal objects, polluting the area, danger in the fish, or any other way of harming the coral reefs. The reefs are an important factor of the beauty of the wildlife at Florida Keys. If anything is to be indangered or harmed, you will be sued for failing to respect Florida Keys laws.