Montgomery Bus Boycott

December 5, 1955-December 20, 1956


The purpose for our boycott is for white Americans to finally give us freedom and realize how much of an impact we have on America.


The cause of our boycott is because we're tired of not being equal with the other white Americans and we want to fit in the same. Also, because of the actions that were taken when Rosa refused to sit in the back of the bus.


The leaders of our boycott are Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks. Martin Luther King Jr. was our main leader of our African American rebellion and Rosa was the first to test the white people by sitting in the front of a bus.


Monday, Dec. 5th 1955 at 9pm

Montgomery, AL

Montgomery, AL

Travel Options

Because we are boycotting riding the bus, we have to find other ways to travel. What we would do is mostly walk but we also organized carpools with other African Americans.


The effects we're trying show is that we're ready to become one with our nation and for an end to discrimination.