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November, 2016

Choosing High Quality Texts

Preparing our students for the next level is our priority. We must help students build the skills necessary to unpack informational texts. A key to this is providing engaging texts that are meaningful and motivating. The more students already know, the more they will comprehend when they read, and the more they will be able to learn.

Reading widely across many subject areas is critical. The research is clear: students need to know at least a little bit about a lot of different topics in order to comprehend more complex texts. In fact, for ELA, it is more important for students to know something about many topics than it is for them to know a lot about a few topics.

We must remember the task of teaching informational reading skills does not just rest on the shoulders of ELA teachers.

ALL educators are teachers of reading.


Each school in Sumner County has ebooks that have been loaded into the Destiny Discovery program. Please contact Rhonda Bruce for more details on how to access these eBooks.


Digital Read Works is an FREE online repository of passages appropriate for students K-12. The database is built upon the popular ReadWorks services aligned to grade level, Lexile, and Common Core standards. ReadWorks are accompanied by reading comprehension questions, vocabulary lists and discussion questions. The articles are easy to assign for 1:1 classrooms. Within Readworks teachers can track students’ progress on assignments, see responses and grade students’ response. Here is a video on Digital Read Works.

Instructional Technology Coordinators

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