Binion E-Meeting

April 11th, 2016

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Upcoming Events

Monday April 11th Green -NO STAFF MEETING, 5th grade at Camp, Hager out Camp, Fire Department, Librarian Appreciation Week, Summatives due

Tuesday April 12th Blue - Campus walkthroughs (Smith, Holland, Clark) to observe Tier 1 Priorities, College Shirt Day, Smith out - Camp

Wednesday April 13th Purple Day 1- Windsuit Wednesday, LOL meeting 3:45

Thursday April 14 th Red 2-Good News Club, 4th grade Mock Math STAAR,

Friday April 15th Orange 3- 4th grade Austin Trip

Reminder: Please electronically Sign SUMMATIVES NO LATER THAN END OF THE DAY APRIL 11TH.

College Starts in Kinder

This was on the Digital Newsletter this past week. Definitely worth watching! With College shirt day and College/Career Week coming up, do take the time to discuss higher education with your students.
Transforming a School Through Grit and Grace

Suspicious email?

Do not open any suspicious email. It could be a virus. Forward to

Shout Outs!

Shout out to all EA's for being so awesome and flexible. You're always willing to do whatever it takes!

Congrats to Mrs. Yach and her precious baby girl Lily!

Thank you Mrs. Burroughs and Mrs. Dye for a fun Friday with Number Day!

Brittany's Corner

Staff Member of the Month
Last chance to nominate someone! You have until the end of the day on Monday.

Retention Timeline
  • In November, concerns for lack of progress are communicated to the parents and shared during the collaborative conference.

  • Results showing limited academic progress should be reflected both in progress reports and on the report card for the first and second six weeks.
  • After MOY data is collected, parents are notified if retention is a possibility (keyword: possibility; final decisions will be made in a committee).

  • Between January and March, continue to monitor progress through RtI process.

  • In late April or early May, a campus designated committee composed of the campus administrator(s), the student’s teacher, and the student’s parent shall review relevant student information and make a final decision regarding promotion for any student considered for retention. The following data should be used by the campus designated committee for decisions on final retention.

· Light’s Retention Scale

· ISIP (if applicable)

· STAR Reading


· STAR Math

· Report card/Rubric

· Other classroom work

· Anecdotal notes

· Observations

· EOY data-as appropriate

We will send out specifics about the retention committee as we get closer to May to make those final retention decisions. The most important thing when speaking to parents about retention is that it is a possibility, not a set-in-stone-done-deal.

If you are thinking about retaining a student, please complete this Google Form by April 29th: (I realize you do not have EOY data yet, so please include what you do have.)

EOY Writing Assessment

Please make sure that all EOY writing assessments are completed, scored, and entered into AWARE by April 20th.

Jeff's Corner

"Getting to Know You: Mystery Person of the Week

* Born & Raised: Dallas County…. High-Schooled with Fighting Eagles

* Universitied with Aggies and Pioneers

* An exciting Event: Escorting orphans back from South Korea to US to be adopted; when I was 15

* Hobbies Include art, exercise & decorating

* Favorite Vacation: Maui, Hawaii ……….. Bucket list vacation(s): Greece & Bora Bora

* Most interesting person to have dinner with: ”Jesus Christ---for obvious reasons”

*What you like most about your team: “Everything!!!! My team rocks!!!!!”

* Favorite movies include: Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman & The Proposal

* Favorite food: Italian

* An embarrassing moment: “I bought new work/”teaching” shoes for my first week at JCB. TWICE IN THE SAME DAY I all out slipped and fell on my _ _ _ “ (You may fill in the blank with your own vocabulary)

* Memorable comment a child once said: “I like your Chinese tattoo!” (But I don’t have a tattoo--- She was referring to a birthmark on my foot!)

* Interesting tidbit: “I love modern art. I paint it, love to go to museums to see it, and have sold it!”

Email me your guess by noon tomorrow. The winning guesses will go in the drawing for a jeans pass!!
Get to Know your Colleagues!
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Save the Date: Bea Luchin Academy Day 1 and Day 2 will be August 1st-2nd at the FAAC. 3rd day will be in September TBA.

Staff Birthdays

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