Inhalants and Hallucinogens KILL

So why do them in the first place??????

Inhalants and Hallucinogens

Two categories of drugs are.........


. Inhalants consist of many household items (such as cleaning protects, gasoline, and many glues)

. Effects of getting high on inhalants: dizziness, nausea and vomiting, slurred speech, loss of consciousness, brain damage and DEATH

Inhalants and Hallucinogens (continued)


. PCP- is one way hallucinogen that people us to get high, PCP is smoked

. LSD- is the second way that is also used, but comes in a pill or liquid form

. LSD also can get you on a acid-trip

. Shrooms or "Magic Mushrooms" is the final hallucinagen,Shrooms are grown in cow waste just so you know.......

Understanding Hallucinogens

Some things that you need to really understand and have a good knowledge of are...

Hallucinogens DO NOT kill you, BUT you die from what you do while high. You can either go through a...

. Visual breakdowns: when you start to see things that are not really there

. Auditory breakdowns: when you hear things that are not being said or done

. Or you can have a Visual and Auditory breakdown: when you see and hear things that are not happening

LSD- Video

LSD Public Service Announcement