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Summer Newsletter #4

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STILL ONE Month of Summer!

There is STILL TIME to take the Seawolf Summer Challenge!


Every day:

1) Read for 20 to 30 minutes.

BUILDS critical thinking skills and increases language!

2) Sit outside for 10 minutes to listen, feel, and observe.

DEVELOPS observation skills and the capacity to have patience and inner calm.

3) Write/draw/label what you observe in your sit spot for 15 minutes.

CREATES connections to what is observed and wondered to bring curiosities to reality.

4) Connect your daily world with math concepts. (numbers, shapes, percents, fractions, problem solving, design, cooking, money, statistics...)

CONTEXTUALIZES why and how mathematics are a way of thinking, not just memorizing facts.

5) Use your Toolbox Tools at home.

EMPOWERS students to practice managing and understanding their feelings.

Use the Summer Kick-Off Weblink to explore and plan NEW summer activities.

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Project Based Learning at Home

Project Based Learning is the intentional connection of using skills, like measurement, estimation, number fluency, reading, writing and communication to deepen the understanding of a concept. For example, if your child is cooking their favorite macaroni and cheese, your child may wonder what is the difference between KRAFT, Amys', Trader Joe's or mac-n-cheese from scratch. Seems basic, however imagine wondering, what is in the powder in the box? What if I had homemade noodles or a noodles from the box? Why do we always use elbow macaroni? What happens if we use oat milk instead of dairy milk?

This example seems really basic, however it's the idea that students document what they do so they know what they want to investigate next. Suddenly precision to measurement means something or reading the box to see the ingredients is important.

This process takes time and it becomes project based when the student is collecting their ideas in the process, making decisions about what they learn and developing a deeper understanding, even if it's the classic mac-n-cheese.

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