History of International Soccer

By Nico Brigada

FIFA Creation

International soccer, including the World Cup, played and still plays a big role in bringing together the world. The first laws of soccer were created in the year 1863 in London. International soccer and soccer in general has continued to grow since the initial rules were developed. By the time the first international game took place, just two referees were present. In May 1904 the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) was founded. FIFA had seven original members. This number has grown to 209.

FIFA World Cup

Ever since the first competition in Uruguay in 1930, FIFA has constantly grown in popularity and prestige. The FIFA World Cup is considered the greatest single sporting event of the modern world. Today, the World Cup catches the entire public eye. 909.6 million people watched at least one minute of the 2010 World Cup. 3,170,856 spectators physically attended the 64 matches in 2010. 1 billion people watched at least one minute of the 2014 Brazil World Cup Final. That is more than the 900 million that watched at least one minute of the 2012 London Olympics. FIFA has continued to grow, generating 4 billion dollars in the 2014 World Cup Brazil. That is 66 percent more than the previous 2010 South Africa World Cup. Companies including, ESPN, McDonald's, Kia, Hyundai, Adidas, and Nike put a number of advertisements in the World Cup because it is followed passionately throughout most of the world. Even today, international soccer, especially the World Cup, brings together people from every country. People from all over the world set aside their differences and support their country, hoping their country will be named world champion.

Helping the Economy

The United States hosted the World Cup in 1994. during this World Cup, there was a total profit of 623 million dollars. Also, during the preparation and duration of this event, 1,700 part-time jobs became available. Just this one event that lasts one month, helped the United States economy and struggling families. Also, as soccer began to become more popular in the U.S., partly due to international soccer, Major League Soccer (MLS) was created.

ESPN Advertisement

ESPN had one of the most powerful messages in their "Time Zone" commercial. In this commercial people from every part of the world gather around fuzzy televisions and do whatever they can to watch the fantastic FIFA World Cup event. As you will see in the commercial, there is a difference in culture but the same excitement is held by all for the game.
2014 FIFA World Cup - Time Zone