Sensitive Classroom Discussion

Just an FYI of a Sensitive Topic We Will Be Discussing

Dangers of Technology and Dating

This week, the Pre-AP classes will begin a research paper on how technology has changed dating and relationships. As part of this research, I plan to show the Amanda Todd video and discuss the ramifications of sexting. I have been attending the Digital Parenting Academy here in RCISD and will be using the resources provided by Common Sense Media.

The discussion will begin on Wednesday 2/17 and I wanted to give you ample time to look over the material and decide if you have any objections to the content. The goal of the lesson is to discuss responsible use of technology and social media, but also to assist teens in handling the peer pressure.

Here is the link to the Amanda Todd Video

Here is the link to the handbook we will be discussing in class.

These are hard topics, but as a teacher, I see how much the technology consumes the students' lives. I watch as they try to secretly take pictures of each other, and I've witnessed tears over cyberbullying. We must be talking to kids about the ramifications of the world wide web. If you prefer that your child not participate in the discussion, please let me know, and I will provide an alternate assignment for them.

If you would like more information about the Digital Parenting Academy, please feel free to contact Zach Snow. If you would like to look at more resources by Common Sense Media, visit their website.