How can we make mining safer?

Practice and Training

Practice and training is key. Miners learn how to properly mine and what to use in order to become a good worker. They learn new things almost everyday. Miners need to control the equipment so that there are no accidents. They also need to make sure the environment around where they are mining is a safe place to be while doing their jobs. When mines cant be used anymore, they're filled in with developed plants and leftover sand, and can be then used as a home for animals.

Safety Gear

Its very important to wear safety gear while mining. It keeps your head and body from being damaged. Miners are trained to mine and keep themselves safe using the gear they wear. Some of the safety gear miners wear is helmets; which is probably the most important, heavy boots; so they're feet don't get damaged, gloves; miners don't want dirty hands while working, and bright coloured vests; to make it easier to find one another, if needed. Mining would be one of the most dangerous jobs if we didn't have the safety gear we have today.

Mining Hacks

There are things miners do to make it easier for them to mine. This is because some of the things down where they mine are dangerous and can harm them. That is why working in groups is very important. Miners work in groups because if one gets hurt, another is there to help. Miners spray coal with water before mining them, so dust doesn't get into the air or their lungs. They also carry lamps instead of candles, because candles can easily cause a fire in the mines. Miners always remember to use the proper oil products, because it reduces waste. Teamwork and helping to make mines better are important to the workers and they'll always make sure everything is the way is it suppose to be.


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