All About Me!!!!


My Free Time!

On my free time I like to play sports and play with my little brother. I also like to take my dog (Wrigley) for a walk.

What kind of sports I like to play.

The three sports I play is basketball, volleyball, and softball. My favorite sport is softball. The positions I play for softball is pitcher, second base, and short stop.

Favorite kinds of food.

My Big puppy.


Wrigley is very special to me because he was my first dog. He is still alive and he is 13-years-old. We got him 6 months after I was born. His birthday is on June 8. I hope he can stay with me forever. But we know that probably isn't going to happen:)

My Family

My family is very important to me because they have always and will be there for me. I live with my step dad, mom, sister and half brother. My sister gets annoying at times but we have good laughs together. My brother is only 6-years-old. Finally my mom. shes has been there through everything with me. I can trust her and she can trust me.