Haiti Water Crisis

Haiti ended up with no water, and it wasn't their fault.


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The Problem

In 2010 Haitians had a massive natural disaster that would change their way of life. A 7.0 earthquake ripped through haiti damaging their water system and now there's to many people and not enough water to supply. Most Haitians live on less that $2 a day, therefore when they can't afford the water they drink, bathe, and cook with 'garbage-filled' river water. When Haitians do things with the polluted river water waterborne illnesses occur, such as typhoid, and cholera it kills more than 50% of the population!

Three Statistics

- 78% of Haitians live on less than $2 a day.

-Haitians resort to gathering water from garbage filled rivers when they can't afford water.

-Public systems of water are rarely available year round because there's not enough water that's not contaminated for everybody

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the solution

One of the solutions we can continue is trying to repair the water wells, this will help get uncontaminated water to the public. We can also try to clean out the garbage from the river that most Haitians use as a source of water, this may help the problem with most of the population dying from waterborne diseases. Repairing the water wells will take time, cleaning out the river will also help the situation.
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