Mrs. Tax's Kindergarten Class

September 7, 2015

News and Events

9/7 Labor Day Holiday!

9/10 Kindergarten Open House 6:00

9/22 International Potluck 5:30-7:00

9/25 No School-parent/teacher conference day

9/28 No School-teacher workday

All About Mrs. Tax

In this first newsletter, I would like to let you know a little something about me. I started as a special education teacher in Mount Airy, NC. I became a stay-at-home mother when my husband and I decided to raise a family. We had so much fun with our kids that we ended up with 5! With a background in education, it seemed natural to me to provide some of their education. So our crew was home schooled through 2nd grade.

When our youngest became school age, I returned to the public schools and now I am in my third year as a kindergarten teacher. Mary is in third grade at Claxton in Mrs. Lemus's class. Her class is going to be our classroom buddies!

We have lived in Asheville for 17 years! Our family loves to camp and hike and enjoy the beautiful mountains that we live in. Below you can see some pictures of my family! I love to read in the summer and knit in the winter. My family is the most important thing to me. I bring that conviction to the classroom, and nurture your children knowing how important they are to you.

What We Have Been Learning


We have been learning what is on the cover of a book and discussing print concepts. Ask your student to tell you what is on the cover of a book. When reading to your child at home, you can point out capital and lowercase letters, the beginning and ending of a sentence, and the difference between a letter, a word, and a sentence.. That is what print concepts is all about! Next week we will continue this work and begin recognizing rhyming words.


Right now we are exploring all the math materials in our math center, counting how many days we have been in school and how many people are in our class and recognizing numbers 1-5. Please practice counting to 20 at home with your child. Next week, we will begin discussing shapes.

Social Studies

We are spending a lot of time going over the rules of our school and classroom and learning all the procedures during the kindergarten day.


Fundations is our phonics program. We are in Unit 1, learning the name and sound of all the letters of the alphabet. Each week, we add two letters, and spend time learning how to write the letters as well. We will explain the program in depth at our Open House.

Coming in our next newsletter...

Learn all about Mrs. Powell, our amazing instructional assistant! And see pictures of our class learning and growing in school!