History of Gas Masks

By Kayla Redenius


  • This mask was made to protect people from inhaling airborne pollutants and toxic gases.
  • The gas mask doesn't protect gases the skin can absorb.
  • Gas masks can be used for wars, fire fighters, painters, and anyone that is exposed to dangerous gases.
  • The gas mask was invented to protect the soldiers from hazardous gases.
  • Gas masks now days are used for painting and firefighting versus back when we used them for war.
  • The gas mask is known as a "air-purifying respirator" because they filter out the gases so you don't breath them in.
  • When wars were going on, the children were instructed to keep their masks with them at all time and gas masks were a daily feature of life at school.
  • Gas masks can also be used on dogs and horse to protect them also during a war.


1914 - first gas mask invention by Garrett Morgan

At first the gas masks were plain but now the gas masks are complex.

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