Visit The Tabard Inn!

(Emma Sharber, Period 6)

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What's the deal?

Many have heard of The Tabard Inn, but many more are unaware of just what a crucial stop it is to make on any pilgrim's journey.

The Tabard Inn is a lovely, spacious inn located on the east side of Borough High Street in Southwark owned by Harry Bailey. It was built in 1307 and serves as a beacon for pilgrims seeking lodgings on their journey to religious guidance from Thomas Beckett! The Tabard Inn welcomes all kinds, with luxurious accommodations for all types of travelers. Every walk of life has a home at the Tabard Inn, from knights to peasants, all pilgrims agree that our bedrooms are cozy and the homemade meals are incredible! Don't believe me? Just read these testimonials from actual guests that have stayed the night! You'll make lifelong friends and be coming back for many years to come!

The General Prologue to the Canterbury Tales

"The food was hearty!" ★★★★★

"As a knight, I've traveled across many lands, and I have never come across an inn as high quality as this one. From the very moment I walked in, I was treated with the utmost respect and hospitality. The communal dining hall was rife with incredibly interesting characters, all of whom I had the absolute pleasure of getting to know over the course of my stay. I've dined with royalty multiple times, and I must say that I would trade that for just one night at the Tabard Inn. The food was hearty, the kind of meal that sticks to your ribs. Indeed it was days later and I was still feeling the warmth of the delicious stew I was served. The beds were comfortable, and the walls were thick, ensuring I received a full night's rest undisturbed from any noise. My son also had a grand time, though if I recall correctly he stayed up most nights daydreaming, as he often does. Despite this, he had nothing but positive things to say of this inn, and we would definitely return."

Overall rating: Excellent! 5 stars!


"All pilgrims should make a trip to the Tabard Inn sometime in their life." ★★★★★

As a doctor, it is very important to me that I am in optimal health, and instill the same in my patients. It may be ambitious of me, but I consider most of the world to be my patients. If not now then surely in the future, correct? You may wonder why I'm telling you this? Because, as a doctor, I approve of the Tabard Inn to provide rich foods and beneficial arrangements for pilgrims everywhere. Upon arrival, I requested simple food that was easy to digest and nothing more. Typically, this request is met with strange looks and general hassle from the chefs, but the cooks at the Tabard Inn were more than happy to accommodate to my dietary needs. In a world such as this one I find that exceedingly rare, which is primarily the reason for recommending that all pilgrims should make a trip to the Tabard Inn sometime in their life. In fact, I prescribe it.

Overall Rating: Amazingly considerate staff. 5 Stars!


Visit the Tabard Inn today and experience the adventure for yourself!

Medieval music - Walther von der Vogelweide : Palästinalied by Arany Zoltán