Chapter 10

By: Jelani Onigbinde

Nature of Energy

  • Energy or(E)= ability to do work or produce heat
  • Potential Energy= energy due to poison or composion
  • Energy Connued
  • Kinec Energy- energy due to the moon

Work- Temperature-Heat

WORK-FORCE over a distance

  • Some energy is transferred as heat

Heat- the quality of being hot; high temperature

Exotherme and Endothermine

System- part of universe we focus aenon on

Surroundings= everything else in the Universe

Energy of the Universe= constant

Constant-occurring continuously over a period of time

Common units of energy

Calorie-amount of energy needed to raise temperature of 1 gram of water by 1 Degrees Celsius

Calorie-food is really kilo-calories or 1000 calories

1 calorie=4.1845

Heat Equation used to determine energy


Q=heat, m-mass, Right angle=change in temperature, and Cp=specific heat

Other Energy Sources

Biodegradable oil-vegetable-based hydraulic fluid formulated to meet

Diesel-used to mean lubrication of for diesel engines