Friday Focus

JSE Staff March 13th

"Love Your People" even more when we are all on the spring break count down!

Happy Friday! One more week! Stay focused on what is most important in our classrooms and schoolhouse. If we let up, our students will too!

Now, I know NONE of US certainly look like this!!...but I know my daughter asked me yesterday, "Mom why are you always yelling at Dad lately?" Well...the list is long honey! Just kidding:)

There is some truth to these phases: "ANTICIPATION PHASE, SURVIVAL PHASE,DISILLUSIONMENT PHASE, REJUVENATION, and REFLECTION" as explained below. Hopefully, we are all nearing the Rejuvenation stage. With the hustle and bustle of meetings, grading, and planning, we need to be reminded to take time for ourselves. The healthier the teacher, the better the teaching! Of course we all deserve it but even more we all NEED it!

Website: We will ALL meet AGAIN Monday morning with our friend Howard! I went through the teacher log-in and there are a few more steps than I thought. We will all meet and start on the right foot together:) After Monday morning, you are encouraged to run with it! We will be looking for teacher leaders in this area.

Formal Observations: Anyone else want to schedule their observation for next week:) Otherwise plan on a date and time after Spring Break. Just a reminder please upload lesson plans before the observation to Bloomboard. With our PD focus of questioning as a best practice, please include HOT questions in your lesson plan that you plan to incorporate in your lesson. A few follow-up PD resources below for you to peruse.

Fire drill Friday at 10:35.

One more week! DIPS and Costco Cake on Friday:)

Have a good weekend, Leigh

Professional Development This Week

Digging into Standards:

Highlights will be presented in Amy's room for grades 3,4, and 5 and in Margaret's room for K-2. Thank you Amy, Nick, Angie, and Margaret for attending the PD and bringing back the highlights for us all!

Reminder: The V drive (Stephen's Share) has all of the documents from the Digging into Standards Presentations.


The presentation from this week's PD was e-mailed to you. Below are a few other quick read articles to highlight the importance of QUESTIONING for student engagement and formative assessment in your lessons.

As Mike Schmoker stated in his best-selling book, FOCUS: "Teams should make the development and refinement of good text-based questions among their highest priorities-creating banks of temporary and permanent collections of questions, and then discussing results (Which questions worked? Which bombed?)"

Thank you for starting this discussion during our PD and continuing in your grade level meetings!

Important Reminders:

  • Please include me in parent conferences that may lead to student retention as we begin the count down after Spring Break!
  • Reinforce the characteristics of Self-Advocate and Acceptance.
  • RAK Chains are Growing: Send Nick updates on the length of your RAK chain.
  • E-mail Chris/Nick to get on the "Highlight my students on the JSE News" Calendar!
  • Art Connect: where art and academic standards intersect- see Matt
  • Please turn in 100% effort work to me periodically.
  • ISTEP, Acuity, I-READ and MClass windows are listed on the Google Calendar.