SLCS Update


Good afternoon SLCS Community,

Thank you for taking the time to read a rare non-Thursday Smore. We appreciate it.

The continued patience regarding our transportation challenges is appreciated. Our drivers and Transportation Department staff are working tirelessly to make the situation the best it can be. We are adding new drivers and once they start this will help ease some of the delays. But, we still need more drivers. As stated in an earlier Skylert, if you or someone you know is interested, please contact

A big thank you to our students who have done an excellent job adhering to the Oakland County Health Department Emergency Order requiring masks during school functions. Thank you as well to parents who have followed the Order while attending indoor athletic events and visiting our schools. As we prepare for our upcoming Curriculum Nights at each school, a reminder that the Emergency Order requires all individuals to wear masks properly and consistently while in our schools. We understand this is not a decision that all like and support, but it is the hand we have been dealt. We ask for your continued support of our students and staff and adhere to the Order. Thank you!

Have a great evening!