Shakespeare's Life

From Start to End

Early Career

Shakespeare was born into a wealthy family, and it is believed that he attended King's New school in Stratford, where he was born (April 1564). It is strongly believed that he went to King's New school because of his obvious knowledge of Greek and Latin literature. These influences are evident in his writings. He was highly educated in both Greek and Latin languages, as well as their infamous literature and histories. The New King's school was a highly ranked school for children of the upper class, so Shakespeare received one of the best educations of his time. Despite his high education at a young age, there is no evidence pointing towards any higher education at a university.
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Adult Career

As an adult, Shakespeare began gaining importance and recognition during the 1590's as a profound actor and playwright. In 1593, he published Venus and Adorns and The Rape of Lucrece. Throughout the 1590's, he wrote more tragedies and comedies, and began becoming one of the top playwrights in England. In 1599, the Globe Theater was constructed from the timber of the Theater across the Thames River. All of his most famous plays were performed here, along with his traveling group called the King's Men. They went on tour across England, performing for a multitude of people including royal halls, private houses, and universities. After 1612, Shakespeare wrote very little because he returned to his hometown of Stratford.
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Shakespeare grew up with Christian beliefs, which is prevalent in many of his works. There are recurring themes such as sin, revenge, mystery and mankind. His settings were greatly influenced by global expanding and also cosmology expansions. There were astounding breakthroughs during Shakespeare's life as to where in the universe the earth was, and how the planets and orbited around the sun. There were also many changes occurring in London during this time. Many people were afraid of getting diseases, so attendance at plays was not as high, and also there was many buying and selling of investments.
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Despite all of his literary works and plays, his wealthy and lavish lifestyle, and his supposedly well fitted family, there is a believed "wild side" to Shakespeare. This legend depicts a Shakespeare who was caught illegally poaching deer and could barely read or write. His father was, by legend, a butcher who allowed William to help him in the shop every now and then. In this legend, Shakespeare died of a contracted fever while at a "merry meeting" with poets Michael Drayton and Ben Jonson. These accusations. of course, are only accusations, and there is no hard evidence to support these beliefs. Shakespeare, as far as we know, was a highly educated wealthy man who lived a lavish life from beginning to end.
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