Panthers Are So Fetch!

Norfolk Jr. High

Nursery Rhyme

Polite Sheep gives Wool

It was reported on Christmas Day at exactly 3:47 P.M. that a kind sheep gives wool. He says he has three bags full of black wool. He says, “I want to give to the needy, for them to stay warm.” He gives to many people such as the master and his dame. But what is uncertain is that the sheep only comes on Christmas at 3:47 P.M. He is more popular than any of the other sheep. The rainbow sheep doesn’t compare either. He also seems to mysteriously disappear at 4:21 P.M. He has been seen in a flying sleigh on Christmas. Many believe that it is because of Santa Claus. This was seen in the country of Canada.

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Mean Girls (4/10) Movie CLIP - Such a Good Friend (2004) HD

Feature Story

The Popstar Sensation

Ariana Grande is Life, Ariana Grande is love. She is a popstar sensation in the USA. She is known for being a high-pitched singer and is one of the top artists. She has received 32 awards and was nominated 81 times for the awards. Her album My Everything has reached number one in the United States. Her hit songs Break Free, Problem and Love Me Harder also reached number one in her album.

Her actors include a singer, songwriter and actress. She has done many collabs on her songs like Hands on Me, Right There, Bang Bang and many more. Ariana Grande played Cat Valentine on the show Victorious. She then starred in Sam and Cat after Victorious ended. Ariana Grande’s songs are written by herself or with her collab partner. She got started on her career by auditioning on Victorious.

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Movie Review

Innocent girl, Cady Heron moves from Africa to the USA. Little did she know that she would become a part of the Plastics, a group of three mean girls who spread rumors and burn people in the Burn Book. Cady Heron agrees to ruin Regina George’s life with the help of Janis, Ian and Damian. She turns out to be like the Plastics, and Janis and Damian leave her because she was blowing them off to go hang out with the Plastics and party with them. If you don’t like this movie, you can’t sit with us.

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Autobiography of my life.

Jared Calibo was recognized as a pop sensation. He attended high school at Norfolk High and was in Drama Club and Student Council. After graduating, he went to Stanford University. He got a Master’s Degree in the Arts. Jared loves to travel with his wife, Ariana Grande to very romantic and beautfiul places such as Paris. They also had two kids together who were named Brooke and Amber. His hobbies are swimming, relaxing and cuddling with Bae. They have a pet dolphin named Marina. He wants to travel all over the world especially Tokyo, Japan. Although he is famous, he wants to be treated like a normal human being. He wears wigs like Hannah Montana. We wait to see what he does next.