My Kite Project

Johnathan Bonney

My Kite Blueprint

1.Bend the the dowel sticks and tape the ends to each2.Cut the plastic wrap 2in. around the circle3.Cut the edge of the plastic  2 in apart4.fold the plastic over the dowel stick and tape it all around5.Tape the streamers to the back  of the kite

My process

I started in math by learning about kites and making mini models.Then I started to make the real thing in science.

Items I used

My kite

Why I chose dragon kite

I chose this kite because it is out of the ordinary.It is not the traditional diamond kite.I also think it is harder than any of the other ones.If i want to have fun I am going to need a chllenge. 

How the Mini Model Helped Me

The model in math helped me because it showed me how i would do it foreal with a hands on expireince.