About me!

Things to know about me!

My name

My name originates from the Scottish surname Cameron. I am not named after anyone in my family, I was given this name because my parents really liked it. Sometimes my friends will call me "Cam" or "Insta". My step dad calls me "Cam" all the time.

Three words that determine me.

Funny, athletic, and hungry all the time.

The reason I say funny, is because I always make my mom and step father laugh.

Athletic is because I BMX and I used to play football.

Hungry l the time because I am growing and food is love!

Two favorite or interesting people.

My mom and my step father are my two favorite people because they are always there for me.

Three of my favorite belongings.

My bike because I BMX, my phone, and pets. My pets because they are a big responsibilities and they are like my brother and sister.
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Favorite smell.

My grandmas house after she makes fresh baked cookies because I've been making them with here since I was little.

An inspirational quote.

"Lifes to short, so make the most of it!"

Positive memo for this year.

To get very good grades, and to be able to go to BMX competition again.

Five of my favorite songs

Mgk sail

Eminem lose your self

Childish gambino 3005

Meek mill burn

Logic alright

A graduation letter to myself.

Wow, you made it, and you are actually an adult now, you are on your own. Can't believe it can you, I couldn't believe it just thinking about it back when you were a freshman. Take care of your self and accomplish your dreams. Go to college and become a paramedic.

Biggest news event from when I was born.

The biggest news from when I was born is 9/11.