Syring Super Learners News

Syring Office 810-591-1300

End of the year news

The year is coming to an end. Supply lists are being updated on our website for next school year. The Syring office will be open from 8-3 daily until June 21st. The office will not re-open until August 22nd.

Upcoming Events


August 30th- Syring Open House

September 5th - First day of school- 1/2 day of school in the afternoon.

5th grade awards link

Here is the link to the video from the 5th grade awards link.

Our Daily Schedule

8:32 a.m. Students enter the buildg (8:20 a.m. if students are having breakfast).

8:40 a.m. School begins (students must be in class ready to learn when the bell rings)

3:40 p.m. Students are released from school

Super Learners Shirts Still available- REDUCED PRICE

We still have 2016-2017 Theme T Shirts available. They are $5 for a T-shirt and $10 for the baseball style shirts. Stop by our office to make your purchase.

Student Safety

Student safety and security is very important to all of us. Please make sure you are following our pick up and drop off lane procedures.

Our building is locked at all times, anyone entering must identify themselves at the front door. Any adult entering the building must stop in the main office and sign in and receive a visitors badge. In the mornings as children enter the building, we ask that you please say goodbye in the drop off lane or outside the doors.

Volunteering & Field Trips

We love volunteers! If you would like to volunteer to work with our student in the building or wanting to accompany our students off site on field trips you must complete a volunteer profile sheet. Profiles sheets need to be redone each year and are available online or in the school office.


Are you a certified teacher- active or retired?

OR have a valid substitute teaching permit?
We can use you as a substitute teacher!
What is required to obtain a substitute teaching permit?
90 credit hours at an accredited college.
Contact Genesee Intermediate School District, pay a $45 fee.
You will also need to have live scan finger printing done. If you have one on file with a different district, you will need to fill out a release form to have them released to our district. If no live scan has ever been done, you need to contact Genesee Intermediate School District, at (810)591-4400, to make an appointment. You can also contact the Clio Police Department at (810)686-5010, or Going Postal at (810) 635-7447. All are a $60.00 fee.
You will also need to stop by the SC Administration Building and pick up a Substitute Teaching packet to fill out. When you have completed the packet, you will need to show valid driver’s license, Social Security card and a voided check from your checking account. If you do not have a checking account, please get something printed off from your banking institute with your account number on it for direct deposit for payroll.
Need more information, please call (810) 591-2300.