The iPhone


The product I chose is the iPhone. The iPhone is made in China and then put on planes and flown to the US. A potential problem with this method of transportation is that, in the middle of being put on the plane, parts could break. To fix this problem, the materials should be wrapped in bubble wrap. Also, they could put 'fragile' on the outside of the box so that the workers putting it on the plane would know to be careful with it. Another potential problem could be that parts could get lost or put on the wrong plane and sent to the wrong location. A solution to this would be to put every iPhone being flown to a certain place all get put together and have the place written on the outside of the packaging.
How Apple iphone 5C is made in factory


Globalization and geography affects everyone in one way or another, including me. Technology is a big part of how globalization affects me because I use it everyday. I sometimes eat different cultural foods like Chinese food, Italian food, and Japanese food, and listen to different types of cultural music. My dog and I go on walks very often and we walk through trails and observe the environment around us. I buy a lot of food that is distributed from the grocery store and clothes from the store. In the next 15 years I suggest that globalization and geography is still going to affect my life and my kids, even more so than now. Technology will increase and become bigger and better and my children will probably not even have to do any work in school on paper because they have technology everywhere. Cultures will still be the way they are now and my children will still be apart of the one I am apart of now, but I can't say I won't let them explore the other cultures. The environment could potentially worsen if we don't take care of it, I am going to try my hardest to have my children keep the earth beautiful and clean. Geography is going to still be apart of my kids lives because maps and deciding where to travel. Economy is going to be a huge part of my kids lives because they will need to know how and where I got them from.

Connecting together throughout the whole universe.