Daymond John

BY: Taylor Gernand

Daymond john

Born February 23, 1969 age 47, he lives in New York City witch is in New York. Occupation founder, president, and CEO of FUBU. His website it
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More about Daymond John

Daymond grew up in queens and attended Bay side high school. He was in a program the let him have a full time job and attend school alternating weekly basis witch he says that it inspired him. after high school he started a commuter van service.

Daymond John's career

John was inspired when he saw cool hats being sold for $20 and then went to make his own hats and sell them at half the price. Later he and his mother and friends started sewing the FUBU logo on his hats sweatshirts and T-shirts, then he asked LL cool J to wear one of is hats in an advert. Today, the brand is reportedly worth $6 billion.