Andrew Jackson

Great Hero

War Hero

Andrew Jackson was a great war hero and general.He lead the US to a victory at the Battle of New Orleans. The last battle of the War of 1812. He later won the race for the next president of the US.

Savior of the Union

When congress passed a new tariff on imported British goods, the south, specifically South Carolina, grew furious with the federal government. South Carolina was so upset, that they threatened to secede, or leave the union, if the tariff was not removed. Jackson acted fast and quickly showed up at South Carolina with the US army. South Carolina changed their minds. He also expanded suffrage, or the right to vote.

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Candidate for the Common Man

The National Bank

The National Bank was corrupt and only favored the wealthy, which was against Jackson's policy. He made it his mission to destroy the evil bank. When it was time for congress to renew the bill for the bank, Jackson quickly stepped in and layed down his veto. The bank was finished.

The Common Man

Andrew Jackson often said that he was the representative for the common man. This is very true for multiple reasons. He was born in a log cabin, he often got into fights, and even preferred if you didn't address him by "Mr.President".