Foreign Language Career Exploration

What is a photographer?

A photographer takes pictures of people, places or things to tell a story of a certain event. Also photographers work for newspapers and other media, to take pictures of a recorded event.

Any Travel, Advantages, and Dangers?

The amount of travel a photographer has, depends on what type of photography career they choose. Also the advantages are traveling to new places, and meeting new people. However, the dangers of being a photographer are that your photographs can be copied and used multiple times.

Any Education?

To be a photographer you must earn a college degree in photography or in a field that specializes in the career you would like to pursue. Also, to be a successful photographer you must have good hand-eye coordination, good eyesight, and most importantly you must be artistic.

What Universities?

Entry Salary

The salary of a photographer varies, due to which type of fields they want to pursue. The entry salary for an individual in a year is about $25,000.