because its the best magzin around

what its about

are magazin is all about whats going on in the world of tecnolagey from new cars to new shoes any thing with a little bit of tec in we cover it

some of the stufe weve covered in a latest magazins

read are magazin

it comes free in every week edtion in the sun but you can by it befor it covers every thing in tecnloagey if it has any thing that lights up ot flashes or has a chip in we cover it evey thing new cool or in the fucher.


The star "10/10 every thing i needed to know was in this magazin"

The sun "10 stars amzing every little bit of info so glap to have this in are paper"

the daily sun "so good every thing you need to know on techno i love and now on top of my list when i go shopping"