Backaches by backpacks

We all go to school. Almost every day... and we always carry our heavy backpacks with us. Heavy backpacks are very bad for our backs and can have serious consequences.

At the age of 12 to 18 years old, your body grows the most. That's just the age that you're in high school and have to carry all your textbooks and workbooks every day to school. At some schools lockers are provided, but a lot of schools don't have them. The students have to lug around all their books every day.

A backpack should not weigh more than 15% of your body weight, 80% of the students carries a backpack that even weighs more than 20% of their body weight.

Heavy backpacks at a young age can cause serious back problems such as deformations of the spine or chronic pain.

Schools can help their students by providing (more) lockers and by purchasing textbooks so that the students don't have to carry them to school.