Nuremburg LawS

Overview of Holocaust

Resource(s)-The World Must Know.

Leader, Adolf Hitler, and the Nazis hated the Jews.

Hitler killed 6 million Jews total, in Germany 1939-1945 (WW2).

Hitler killed anyone who was different or mentally challenged , and put them in gas chambers; A total of 11 million people were killed.

Definition/Background Informatation

Nuremberg Laws

Laws against the Jewish. The laws came from the Nazi government. The laws started in 1935. The Nazis wanted to separate the Jews from the Germans.

Original Research Question

Why did Hitler hate the Jews?

He didn't hate them, They were just the easiest culture to target.


The Nuremberg Laws were part of a process that declared Jews unwanted foreigners in Nazi Germany. Eventually, the Nazis’ anti-Semitic (anti-Jewish) policies escalated into the Holocaust-World book student


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