Counseling Corner

3rd - 5th Grade

Career Exploration - Continued!

This week in classroom counseling, we will continue to focus on CAREERS!

We had a blast in 3rd grade learning about the 6 career paths last week and look forward to getting acquainted with different skill sets and why that would make us good at certain types of jobs.

4th grade excelled at reflecting on what is important to them about their future, whether it be money, free time, education, or creativity, and prioritized those things in our imaginary "Career Shop." Now it's their turn to dive into the 6 career paths and find out which path might best meet their wants and needs.

It was all about personality with 5th grade in our last lesson as we used The Color Quiz to get to know ourselves a little better. This week, we will take that knowledge and learn more about how different personalities effect the classroom and work environment.

Here's to a great week of Career Exploration!

Conversation Starters

If you're interested in talking to your student about what we're learning in counseling class, these conversation starters might help!


Which career path do you think you would like the most?


Tell me about the shopping you did in the "Career Shop" in counseling class?


What did you learn about your personality in counseling class?

Career Paths

During our lessons, we will be learning more about the 6 career paths designated by the Missouri Department of Education through the Missouri Connections Program (description of Missouri Connections below). Take some time and look over the flyer with your student! This is a great tool to start discussions about what interests your child and begin to get them interested in the career or careers that they find interesting.

About Ms. Dixon

Ms. Dixon is the 3rd-5th grade school counselor at Sweeny Elementary, 1 of 5 elementary schools in the Republic School District. She is a graduate of Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri.