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E Cigarette Gets Lift in Germany

Today’s morning I read great news and I am sure that this news brings a big smile on all the e cigarette lovers. I believe all the e cigarette lovers update themselves with all the latest news about this industry as this industry is facing the situation of huge ups and downs. I want to make all of you informed with great news about the new change that is ruled out in Germany Court on Tuesday. The new rule says that the sales of electronic cigarette sales cannot be restricted. But yes, this rule could still be overturned by Brussels. I think it’s a first big step taken by the court toward e cigarette industry.

It’s really good news for e cigarette industry and also for e cigarette lovers and being a fan of V2 cigs and yes I am also in favor of it. The time when this industry is facing huge controversies, this step gives e cigarette industry a life boon. I know that this law passed in EU but I am sure if this law witness success, it would be benefited for worldwide customers of e cigarettes.

We all know that there are lot many e cigarette brands available in the market but being a user of V2 cigs, I love this brand and I never feel that this best electronic cigarette brand provide products of low quality. I love all the flavors, starter kits, accessories and everything that is associated with this e cigarette brand. After switching to e cigarettes, I never turned toward regular cigarettes and that was the biggest victory of mine. Being a customer of e cigarettes, I am very happy with this new rule. Don’t you????