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October 2, 2015

Lakeside is Great

Our Awesome Educator of the Week is:

Molly Salmon

The future is ours because of what you do

Now you get the Lucky Longhorn Spot too!

The Future Is Ours...

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Formative Assessments:

Here's a strategy you can try....

Analogy Prompt

Present students with an analogy prompt: (A designated concept, principle, or process) is like _________________ because _________________________________________________.

Last week I shared:

Index Card Summaries/Questions

Periodically, distribute index cards and ask students to write on both sides, with these

instructions: (Side 1) Based on our study of (unit topic), list a big idea that you understand and word it as a summary statement. (Side 2) Identify something about (unit topic) that you do not yet fully understand and word it as a statement or question.

Trainings & Curriculum Updates

In an effort to keep you fully informed I'm including a link to the Curriculum Courier (admin newsletter). This link will give you access to current and past issues of the newsletter. The Courier will provide you with pertinent information for your grade and content area. Although some weeks are more informative than others you should try to review it regularly.

This week you will find a ton including:

  • Info that's been shared with families designated as Immigrants
  • How to Unlock Your Digital Genius
  • Some apps that are now available in Self Service just for you (Explain Everything & Notability)
  • Some Code.Org info - DO WE WANT TO PARTICIPATE?
  • Workshop Opportunities (with FLEX) in Science, Soc. St and Technology
  • The GT screening information
  • Coaching Meeting dates
  • And a link for a CGA scholarship

Annelise to AP Meeting on 10/8 from 1-3

Annelise and Jan to AtRisk Training on 10/9 from 11-1

Becki to Nurse's Meeting all day on 10/9

Kelly to Global Connections Meeting on 10/29 from 4-5:30

From Joyce Alcorn (Lead Nurse)

CPR/AED Heartsaver certification courses

Date: Wednesday, Oct 21, Nov 18, Jan 20, Feb 17, Mar 23, Apr 20

Time: 4:00 – 6:00 p.m.

Location: CHS Field House

Instructor: Yvette Carson

Registration: Eduphoria

Certification valid for 2 years

Participants: minimum 8/maximum 20

This course is open to anyone interested in obtaining the American Heart CPR/AED certification, including those satisfying TEA/UIL requirements. Please forward this information to your staff.

KN2K (Knows & Need to Knows)

Character Education - Please note that we, as a district and as Lakeside, have been invited to apply for District of Character. You know that we have a great campus as well as a great district... as such we have several things to show off. In order to show off all of our greatness we are going to need everyone's help. Please :) Over the coming week Jan and the Character Committee will be asking you to pull some evidence and some artifacts together. We know it may take some time but I promise we will find a way to balance that time out for you over the next few weeks. So...thank you in advance for your help.

In anticipation of these conversations, please reflect on the following principles and any evidence you might have that supports these principles:

  1. The school community promotes core ethical and performance values as the foundation of good character.
  2. The school defines "character" comprehensively to include thinking, feeling, and doing.
  3. The school uses a comprehensive, intentional, and proactive approach to character development.
  4. The school creates a caring community.
  5. The school provides students with opportunities for moral action.
  6. The school offers meaningful and challenging academic curriculum that respects all learners, develops their character, and helps them to succeed.
  7. The school fosters self motivation.
  8. The school staff is an ethical learning community that shares responsibility for character education and adheres to the same core values that guide students.
  9. The school fosters shared leadership and long range support of the character initiative.
  10. The school engages families and community partners in the character building effort.
  11. The school regularly assess its culture and climate, the functioning of it's staff staff as character educators, and the extent to which its students manifest good character.


Brain Pop and Tumble Books have been ordered :)

A big Thank you to our PTO because your WISH LIST items have been approved and 75% were funded as of yesterday's meeting. We asked for about $29K and they willingly approved! We couldn't do what we do without our PTO - please remember to thank parents for supporting PTO because that's how all these things are possible. If you have a WISH LIST item you are welcome to move forward with booking the trip, ordering the supplies, or spending the money. Please follow approved vendor and activity fund protocols when spending. :)


Our grant submission window is currently open until October 14th at 4:30pm. Please encourage your teachers to submit an application through this link: (it can also be found on our website: You are still required to review their application and sign the first page of the google doc, by printing it and sending it to me through email or interoffice mail.

We are hoping to receive applications from EVERY campus this year! How awesome would it be to give money to every campus in CISD!

We have included a short tips and tricks power point on our website that may be helpful.

EEI Goal Setting:




2) Conference Schedules due to office

5) Committee Meeting Monday

  • Leadership in B106
    Character Committee - please see Jan's email
  • Sunshine Committee - please be sure you review upcoming dates and celebrations

6) PST Meeting

7) PLC/Planning will be directly related to the District of Character needs (info from Jan)

  • Please Note: Each team will be asked to complete a gallery walk during your time today.
  • Please plan accordingly for this shift.


12) No Meeting Monday

13-16) COGAT

14-15) Gema will be at Principal's Institute again

14) (Page Keeley for Science Reps <cancelled) SKY RANCH Meeting for 5th grade @ 5:30pm


16) Kinder Lock-In

19) Kaitlynn Returns! plus Staff Meeting (

20) Carla, Liz, & Gema to Transformation In Action Visits

22) 3rd grade Program

23) End of the First Nine Weeks and SPIRIT RALLY

26) STAFF MEETING MONDAY - The Gift of Time

27) Grades Due and Gema to Principal's Meeting (UbD training is a part of my agenda)


30) Red Ribbon Walk (Info coming from Jan)

  • and 2nd grade Poetry Celebration (please create and use a Google Doc RSVP)
  • plus Report Cards go home

"Character is the noblest of possessions.”- Unknown

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” - Einstein

Happy Birthday


6) Kathy White and Maureen Salmon

26) Becca Conn

Walking Wednesday is Back...

If you choose to participate please be sure to adhere to Cindy's guidelines :)

Walking Wednesday (with warm-ups and a college/Lakeside tee) SignUp

One thing Cindy did not mention is that even though jeans are already a Wednesday option warm-ups (an even more dressed down option) are a perk. Plus a healthy heart. <3

Denim Days...

Wednesdays will be College Days for staff and students

Fridays with a Lakeside or CISD Tee

Thursdays during CHS FOOTBALL SEASON with the CISD Education Tee